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We are authorized installers of technologies certified by the Bureau de Normalisation du Québec, namely:

  • Bionest

  • Ecoflo

  • Enviro-Septic

  • Hydro-Kinetic

Choosing the right septic system depends mainly on the type of soil, space constraints and the requirements of your municipality. Our team of experts will be able to guide you through the steps and in installing the product best suited to your needs. Inquire about the available tax credits

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partly consists of a patented biological reactor that allows purifying bacteria to treat wastewater.


In addition to the cost of electricity to operate the aerator and the recirculation pump, annual inspection fees are to be expected.


The Ecoflo system

uses a patented biological filter made from coconut husks and peat moss.


This technology requires no electricity and only an annual inspection is required.


The Enviro-Septic technology

The Bionest sanitary purification system

mainly consists of patented pipes and filtering sand. The features of the walls and membranes of the pipes allow natural filtration of the wastewater, while the sand is used to control the rate at which the water disperses in the ground.


This system does not require any electricity or maintenance - only an annual inspection is required.


The Hydro-Kinetic system

is distinguished by the absence of a septic tank.


Its first tank ensures the degradation of sludge with a prolonged aeration technique, without the use of synthetic or natural media. The wastewater is then filtered a second time in a secondary tank before completing its journey in the polishing field.


Electricity costs to operate the aerator and the recirculation pump are to be expected, while maintenance is only done as needed and not on a predetermined frequency. 


The traditional septic system

is less and less allowed by municipalities but it remains the simplest and most economical option, requiring no electricity or annual maintenance.

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